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If you’re looking to simplify your life in the greenest way possible, your efforts should begin at home. Your home and your garden are your sanctuary (and possibly your sustenance). Transforming the way you treat these spaces, reorganizing them, and giving them the attention they need can help you effectively run a well-oiled eco-friendly machine. Are you giving your space the time and attention it deserves?

Do a Deep Clean

Many people wind up purchasing plastic goods they don’t need because they forget about the secret stashes of plastic goods they already have. Go through everything stored in all the corners and closets of your home. Take the things that no longer serve you and set them aside to sort out later. Take a thorough inventory of what you have to assure that you aren’t buying things you don’t need. Decluttered homes are easier to manage.

Once your home is clean, swap out your old chemical based house cleaners for ecofriendly cleaners. Eco friendly cleaners may not be as strong as chemical solvents, but your decluttered home will be easier to come up with. You’re less likely to have cumulative messes or buildups that are hard to remove without solvents if you have less things to clean around. Cleaning will be easier.

A deep clean of your yard and garden is next on the list. Remove any trash, dead plants, weeds, and old plastic lawn ornaments that have been sitting around baking in the sun. If you want to fully utilize your garden, you’ll need to be sure that its soil is clean and unobstructed.

Start Recycling

It’s relatively easy to make recycling a regular household process. Simply set up some recycling bins beside the garbage can and put waste where it really belongs. The largest task is recycling or appropriately disposing of things you’ve decided to purge during your deep clean. Set things aside that still have value or can be reused, and work through the remainder.

It’s surprising how much can be recycled – even electronics can be recycled through the proper channels. Check your local recycling specifications to ascertain that everything is properly disposed of, and donate the things that don’t need to be recycled. Things like mirrors or furniture made of multiple components cannot be recycled. You might need to call a rubbish company to haul those things away.

Compost and Grow

Waste from fruits and vegetables, egg shells, and coffee grounds can be composted to feed your garden. You won’t need to pollute the soil with synthetic chemicals or harsh fertilizers. Set up a bin outside your house for organic matter to decompose in. As it decomposes, mix it in with your garden soil to enrich it.
Plant seedlings at the appropriate time. Most seed packets have date ranges by region printed on the back, so following the instructions is simple. Collect rainwater to water your plants when the weather is dry, and periodically fertilize from your compost. Water that collects in your compost bin is excellent for adding a steady stream of nutrients to your plants. Natural alternatives to pesticides, such as neem oil, will help protect your plants from pests. When it’s time to harvest, wash and enjoy the freshest produce you’ve ever tasted.

Repurpose As Much as Possible

It’s hard to buy food or household supplies that are free from packaging unless you purchase them at a bulk store that allows you to bring your old containers. When you need to buy something packaged, opt for things that come in glass jars or other reusable types of packaging. Mason jars can be used for storage, organization, and keeping leftovers fresh. If you’re using your garden for food, you can reuse the mason jar to preserve your fruits and vegetables.


New habits sometimes take a while to fully adopt. Don’t feel ashamed if you make a few missteps or if it takes a while to get your whole household committed to better habits. Small changes are better than no changes, and with a steady approach, you have the potential to make a difference.

If you’re looking to simplify your life in the greenest way possible, your efforts should begin at home. Your home and your garden are your sanctuary (and possibly your sustenance). Transforming the way you treat these spaces, reorganizing them, and giving them the attention they need can help you effectively run a well-oiled eco-friendly machine. Are you giving your space the time and attention it deserves?

How to Identify the Best Real Estate Agent!

How to Identify the Best Real Estate Agent!

Not all Realtors are the right one for you and the sale of your Brampton house. A Realtor can make or break how quickly your Brampton home sells. When you consider that you sign a contract for a defined period of time and can only break that contract with some difficulty, it is more important than ever to ensure you have picked the right person.


Real Estate Agents in Brampton go through a lengthy process to become a Realtor. Just because someone has taken a real estate course and passed does not mean they are qualified to sell your home. With current market conditions being in flux the selling of your home and the buying of another means you need to go the extra mile in order to choose a good agent that is profession in every way and is knowledgeable about markets in the area surrounding Brampton Ontario.


Communicating With Your Real Estate Agent in Brampton

The art of communicating with your agent is an import part of your relationship. It helps to make the relationship stronger and ensures that the real estate agent is always available. Imagine the frustration of not being able to reach your real estate agent and not having phone calls returned. Sometimes they disappear for weeks at a time as they have forgotten to tell you they are on vacation and who is covering their listing while they are away.


For these reasons, it is imperative that the Brampton Realtors you choose to sell your Brampton Home can provide you with these communication tools before you enter into any real estate contract.


Give Good Advice

Having a Realtor that has a wide knowledge of different types of real estate transaction gives you a better chance of having your transaction proceed successfully. The more knowledgeable the real estate agent, the more likely you will be to get close to your asking price. Real estate agents in Brampton who have this knowledge are a precious commodity. Once found — never let them go!


Agents Who Get Kickbacks

There are agents who use specific lending companies or home inspection companies as they know they will receive a referral payment from them for getting a client to choose them. Although completely ethical, homeowners need to be wary of any agent who is pushing you to use the particular company they recommend and are unwilling to let you choose from a variety of different options.


Choose a Full-Time Real Estate Agent in Brampton

There are many Realtor who work at real estate part-time. Even though they have passed the real estate course many often need second and third jobs to cover their expenses. This means their priorities are often different than yours and you may not be at the top of their list. On the other hand, there are a rare few who will treat you and your goals as their main priority, but it’s often hard to tell.

Is your credit score perfect?

Is your credit score perfect?

If you pay your bills on time you have an excellent credit score, right? You may be surprised to hear that one in five consumers had errors on at least one of their three credit reports (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.


Errors can arise in many ways. Hard-to-spell names, name changes after marriage or divorce and with the same name as a parent may have more than one credit report.


Incorrect birth dates can also pose a problem. Here in Canada we put June 3rd as 06/03 in some countries it should be the reverse.


Social insurance numbers are another issue, just one digit entered incorrectly can cause errors.


In a case mentioned in the Toronto Star article, John Smith, 24, paid his bills on time and was proud of the fact that he had an excellent credit record. Luckily for John, he checked his credit record before applying for a loan and found the cause. Seems there was an unpaid dept arising from a cable TV box he had rented years ago. He had tried to return it in 2016 and didn’t know that the package didn’t arrive by mail. He has since paid the balance in full, but the damage to his credit score appears to be done.


There is recourse if you are at an impasse with a credit granter over a debt. You can ask Canada’s two credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion, to intercede on your behalf as was the case with John. The issue was cleared up within two weeks.


Had he not checked his credit score prior to applying for a loan John could have been turned down by a major bank and forced to go to a lender with a higher interest rate.


Check your report once a year for errors or signs of identity theft. And ask the credit bureaus to correct any errors you they may find. It is your right to do so.


If you’re still not satisfied with a credit bureau investigation, you can ask to add a statement to your account. It might say that a debt arose from a dispute where you felt in the right and refused to pay it.


The Equifax Canada web site has a clear three-step processed and describes the documentation that is needed.

Are You First Time Home Buyer?

Are You First Time Home Buyer?

Then These Questions are for you

First time home buyers are mostly too eager to be buying a house. They have finally saved enough for a considerable down payment and cannot wait to start searching homes for sale in their budget.


If you are thinking buying a house for sale in Brampton and you are a first time home-buyer, then the following is for you.


1. Take your time. Make a list of things you want in your first home before you start looking. As you begin your search, you’re likely to add to that list as you view homes for sale in Brampton that have exclusive side that you may not of thought of. Most first time home-buyers plan to stay in their home for many years, so it’s important to take the time and make sure you’re getting everything you want.


2. By now you’ve doubtless been searching the “Brampton Houses for Sale” listings online and in the local papers in Brampton. Often, first time home buyers have little understand of mortgages, different types of rates, and what they can realistically afford. That’s where I come in. I’ve got a good understanding of mortgages, and can lay everything out in terms you’ll understand; and I welcome any and all questions about mortgages in Brampton.


3. Know and understand your monthly costs for the home you will buy in Brampton. As a Real Estate Broker I will personally sit down with you, and help you use an online affordability calculator. Some areas can actually cost much more when you calculate property taxes, home insurance, loan insurance and other sundry expenses. Before you buy a home in Brampton, let’s sit down together and figure out your maximum payout for your home expenses. Then look in areas that fit your budget.


4. Closing costs are another analysis. You’ve finally saved enough for the down payment but have you taken into account what your closing costs will add up to? In some areas of Brampton, and the types of homes in Brampton your closing costs can vary widely. We may be able to put less down on a home, leaving you money to cover the closing costs. Let’s discuss your options.


5. What’s happening in the real estate market in Brampton today? Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? Ultimately, if you plan to own your home for a long time, this is not a real consideration. Playing the real estate market in Brampton is no different than playing the stock market. Over the long term, your investment will pay off if you’ve chosen the right home in the right location.


These issues for first time Brampton home buyers can be a confusing process. At our real estate agency in Brampton, we understand this, and go to great lengths to help educate first time home buyers.