Causes Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Causes Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Has your home been on the market for sale longer than 4 months? Is the For Sale sign out the front just a reminder every day that you still haven’t reached the next stage.


Presentation- Is your home presented neatly. Buyers aren’t buying your furniture, but it definitely helps them imagine what it would look like with their furniture in the house. It can help detract from every little flaw which may otherwise be looked at.


Pricing- Who’s chosen the pricing for your house? Either way, it’s wrong, which is the main reason a home will not sell. Any home no matter what condition or state will sell at the right price, it may not be what you want or what your agent has “promised” he/she will get you in your initial appraisal to get your listing. However, if you have an unrealistic price on your home, IT WON’T SELL.


Promotion/Advertising- How and where is your property being advertised? You should be investing 1% of the value or your property into advertising. If an agent is not charging you advertising ask why? Where is my property being advertised? You need to invest a little to gain a bigger return. If an agent isn’t charging you advertising, who is paying for it? They are, and that means they MUST sell your home at ANY price to recuperate the money they have spent on the advertising or they will be out of pocket.


Photos- You MUST get professional photos. I have seen so many properties with non-professional photography and they just look shocking. Apart from the fact they don’t show the property is its true light and character they make the property look smaller and will deter people from even coming through. When your photos are taken, clean your benches and tables and make your house clutter free.


Agent- Who have you chosen to sell your property? Are they local? Do they have results? Can they prove it? What is there rate of length of time on the market? You don’t want to be going with an out of area agent, that doesn’t know the market. You also don’t want to be going with an agent that is in the area whos average time on the market is 200+ days. And do you really want to go with an agent that has 20+ properties on the market compared to an agent that is passionate and willing, who will more likely give you all of their time and energy that only has 1 or 2 properties on the market. Don’t always go with that big name that you see, whos signs are up forever!!

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