Home inspection plays an important role in buying and selling the property. Home inspection report let you know the current situation and safety of the home if you are buying a home. If the report is satisfactory it means that the building is free from any damage which will automatically increase its liability in future. On the other hand, if you are selling your own property and you do not get satisfactory home inspection report it will become very difficult for you to sell the property. If you keep a check on the regular maintenance of your property it will become easy for you to get satisfactory home inspection report.

Home Inspection Checklist

Following elements are considered in the inspection of your home:

  • Onstructional components such as (walls, roofs, floors, foundation etc)
  • External elements (landscaping, grading, drainage, windows etc)
  • Roofing and Ventilation
  • Plumbing (drain, pipes, tanks, showers etc)
  • Electronics (wirings, main circuits, fans, tube light fixtures etc)
  • Appliances (ovens, dishwasher, garbage disposal etc)

It is important to consider the home inspection report of the place before closing the deal. The report will inform you about any underlying issue that may be present in the home. This will save you from making a wrong decision.

Similarly, if you are selling a property your home inspection report should be satisfactory. You should fix all the underlying issues before taking your property to market. Any interested buyer can ask you for home inspection report and if the professional inspector find out any hidden issues in your home not only the interested buyer will step back from the deal but your place will also gain bad repute in the market. Therefore it is important not to ignore this process before putting your home for sale in market.