One of the most stressful experiences in life is moving house, but it doesn’t have to be! With some planning and help, the process can be a much smoother one, so here’s our top tips to ease you through the journey.


Get organised


Avoid making last minute arrangements, as these can be very stressful. Provided that you don’t have to pack up and move in a hurry, take your time and start packing well in advance. Start collecting packing supplies in the months and weeks leading up to the move and start by packing the items that you use the least early on.


Get rid of things you no longer need


You’ll find that when you’re packing, there will be a LOT of items that you no longer want, nor need, so this is the perfect excuse to get rid of or donate these unwanted things. It will also mean that you have fewer items to pack and take to your new home.


Plan your packing


Strategically plan your packing! By using smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter items you can easily manage to carry the boxes into your new home. Ensure that you label your boxes so that you know the contents of each box, and be specific! Labeling a box as “kitchen” won’t cut it. Be descriptive of exactly what’s in each box. Keep the boxes that you require first easily accessible, as when you move into your new home, you may not want to unpack everything at once.


Some other useful packing tips:


Wrap breakable dishes in your shirts – not only do you save on bubble wrap or newspaper, but you’re wrapping two items at once!


Use suitcases for your heavier items – they can hold way more than a box ever will and the wheels make maneuvering around your new home a breeze.


Cut “handles” into your moving boxes to make them easier to lift – simply cut rectangle shapes on each side so you avoid trying to hold a box with nothing to grip onto.


Pack a separate bag for all your essentials – that way if you don’t unpack everything on day one (and who actually will!) you can feel human again with your essentials in one handy location.


Roll up your clothes instead of folding to save space and keep them organised.


Label your boxes on the side, not the top, so when they’re stacked you can quickly see what belongs where.


Arrange help


Unless you have some great friends or family that have an accessible, empty van, then you will probably need to organise a professional to assist you. Hiring help can be great for those heavy boxes…they also have all their own packing supplies and are experienced in helping people move.

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